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atashi wa hontou ni baka dayo ( = . = ; )

Konbanwa, minna~

Ogeneki ka? Hisashiburi dayo..

Today is the release date of Super Delicate (Hey! Say! JUMP) and HARUKAZE (SCANDAL). SO HAPPYY YAHOO~

BUT! I'M SO BAKA!! AND IT'S HONTOU NI HAZUKASHII DAYO!! ..as a big fans.. I'm too ashamed.. I'm disapointed..
I.. I thought Super Ddelicate release date is on 24th February.. And I'm wrong until evening.. Щ(º̩̩́Дº̩̩̀щ)
Hueee.. HSJ, HONTOU NI GOMENNASAI!!! m(_ _)m


Bye bye, minna~

Mata ne~


Happy Birthday, my JESUS♥
Thanks for all YOU've done for us!
We so thankful because of you!
No words can described how much we thankful to YOU!
I love YOU so much, JESUS♥
YOU're my GOD, my Savior, my Father, my everything!
Thanks, JESUS!!

Merry Christmas all!!

GOD always be with us & never leave us alone!
HE always give us the best!!

GOD bless you and me now and forever, always!!


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Ureshii~ :3

Since last Wednesday, till next Tuesday, I'm having a mid term test. Everyday I study. Honestly, I'm very tired. 9th Grade (3rd Grade of Juniou Highschool) is very hard. Next year in April/May we must join the final test of junior highschool.

Tests are almost everytime. No time for take a nap TTATT.

Demo, ganbarimasu!!

Yesterday was the release date of Hey! Say! JUMP's Magic Power. The PV is very nice, but there's no Ryutaro in that PV TTnTT. There's Hey! Say! BAND (JUMP BAND, but I call it Hey! Say! BAND XD). I'm very happy because Keito played guitar!! :D

And in October, BLEACH opening theme song will change into SCANDAL's new song "HARUKAZE"!! I'm very happy. This is the second time they sing for BLEACH's theme song. In 2009, they sang "Shoujo S" for BLEACH 10th Opening Song.

And in November, ViViD will release a single "FAKE"!! I'm very happy~~ Not patient XD

And ARASHI is have a new single too!! "Meikyu Love Song" for Sho's upcoming Drama "Nozotoki wa Dinner no Ato de"!! But the release date still unknown. I wanna watch that drama!! :3

Hey! Say! JUMP's "Magic Power"

Yo, minna~~

Ogenki desu ka??


Today Hey! Say! JUMP's new single, "Magic Power"'s cover's out. There is Limited Edition 1, Limited Edition 2, and Regular Editon. There's no Ryutaro in the cover. I'm very sad TTATT I think, like not Hey! Say! JUMP if there's no Ryutaro. Why JE let something like this happen? Why they stop Ryutaro's activites? The photos of his smoking scandal was old. Maybe, now he's not smoking again. And I think, maybe he's already contemplate that his action is wrong right? I think it's enough, already 2 months since his activities being stop. I hope he's come back faster, not when Winter-con he's back, but I hope when Hey! Say! JUMP's 4th anniversary on September 24th, he's already back. Come on, ther anniversary right? Please let him back!! Come on, JE!! Hey! Say! JUMP's not complete right, without him? Come on!! Minna, stay #supporthsjryutaro ne!!

Hemm.. Honestly, the first I'm not going to say that about the cover XD out of the planning gyahahah~~ Honestly, I want to say this : I think, the Regular Edition (The yellow one) is like Mix Speakers Inc.'s covers ne? Honestly I think about that. That's just my opinion. But, I think someone's agree with me when I say about that XD haha

So, that's what I'm wanna saying

Jaa minna~

Mata ne~

Ureshii na mono

Nee minnasan, ogenki desu ka??


Yesterday, I was verrryy happyyy!! My mom bought me manga "Waiwaii Hey! Say! JUMP" Vol. 1 & 2!! I'm verryy verryyy happyy!! It was my first manga with Japanese Language too!! Gyaa~~!! Ureshii naa~~

Yesterday (Friday) was my first day holiday, I was very happy beacuse I've wait for a loongg time for holidayy~ YEAHH~~!!

How about you, minna-san?? What thinks make you happy in last few days??


Once more!! I love SCANDAL's latest single, LOVE SURVIVE!! The song is really really good!! I LOVE IT XD

I think I must sleep now..

Jaa ne, minna~~


Tamako deshita!
Hello, minnasan~~!!!

Ogenki desu ka??

Atashi wa genki desu ne~~

Yo, minnasan! Maybe this is my first post, but not really.. A long time ago I have post something but I delete it XD

Minnasan, do you know a Japanese Girls Band called SCANDAL??? If you don't know about them, try to see them!! They're so amazing!! Now I wanna talk some (not too much) about them..

The members are from Osaka and they're from a vocal and dance school called 'CALESS'. They met each other from CALESS and then form their own band. The members are: HARUNA (Vo.&Gt.), MAMI (Gt.&Vo.), TOMOMI (Ba.&Vo.), and RINA (Dr.&Vo.). The oldest, HARUNA has an amazing and cool voice she also has a beautiful and cool face!! MAMI has an amazing guitar skills and she also can play the drums!! TOMOMi has a cute voice (anime-like XD) and an amazing bass guitar skills too!! RINA has an amazing drum skills and she also can play the piano or keyboard that she learn since she was 3!! They're really..really..AMAZING and powerful!! Not only boys like them, girls too (like me XD)!!! They become an inspiring band (bad english, sorry.. T.T)!! They show many peoples the girls' power!! Then.. Because they're too amazing that I can't put into words.. :)

Saa, for who that haven't seen or watch them, try to see!!! I recommended almost all their song!!

Their singles are:
- Space Ranger (indie)
- Koi Moyou (indie)
- Kagerou (indie)
- DOLL *An amazing and powerful song!! I love it!!*
- SAKURA Goodbye *The song is for MAMI and TOMOMI's graduation! Amazing ne?!! I love this sing too*
- Shoujo S *Really an amazing song!! I love it!! For anime BLEACH 10th Opening.. I like them because this song!!*
- Yumemiru Tsubasa
- Shunkan Sentimental *An amazing song!! For anime Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood ending. I love this song!!*
- Taiyou tp Kimi ga Egaku STORY *The most I like!! I very love this song!! Really summer's song theme!! The PV is amazing too!!*
- Namida no Regret
- SCANDAL Nanka Buttobase *An amazing and cool song!! I love this song too!!*
- Pride *Since the first time I heard this song, I love it!! For anime Star Driver: Kagayaki no Tokuto 2nd Ending*
- Haruka *A cute song!! I love it!! For Toufo Kozo 3D Theme Song*
- LOVE SURVIVE *Coming soon!! Haha.. Haven't release (2011.07.27).. But I already heard the Radio Rip. This is so amazing!! I love the song very much!! I love the PV too!! Specially the first scene when MAMI is playing her guitar in the class!!*

Thir digital single is secret base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~ (a cover from girls band ZONE's song)

Their albums are:
- BABY ACTION *Coming soon!! Release at 2011.08.10, same day with HARUNA's (and Hey! Say! JUMP's Nakajima Yuuto's) birthday XD*

Their albums are amazing too!! Try to see them ne, minna!!

Okay, I think it's enough.. But I haven't tell ALL about them.. But maybe it's enough for now.. Hehe XD

Jaa minna!! See you later!!