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What I learnt from Hirunaka no Ryuusei

[Note : Basically because Ao Haru Ride has a similar plot as this manga, these kinda works for AHR too; but you know, well, I think in HnR it is more realistic, and it kinda, works directly to your heart and feelings.]"

So this is what I'm thinking, I don't know your opinions, I'm just sharing mine :

We all know that Shishio and Mamura are both kind guys, and a very handsome guy. (They're HOT.) Maybe some people think Shishio is a bastard or something like that, but well, I don't. But of course everyone still have a favorite among them.

• People who supported Shizume (Shishio and Suzume), I can call them people who 'stucked or prefer the past', (and maybe prefer an older guy too). Well, that's me. I admit, I'm the type that is really stucked in the past. I rather not to move on even if it hurts because I want to see the results of the 'won't move on' kind of thing. "Will I succeed?" "Will he fall for me in the future?" So they just keep on hoping for someone who enters our life from the 'past'. It takes a really long time to move on for people with this type.

• People who supported Mazume (Mamura and Suzume), is more looking forward for something new. They can move on, I would not say 'easily', but quicker. I think people with this type have more positive thinking for something new, for someone who enters the life later; it's a good kind of thinking.

Of course it's more working if you are not just see the visuals, their appearances only, but the personalities too.

I'm not saying that one of these is bad, one is wrong. These people each has some kind good or bad, so whatever is fine. Just be yourself.

You know I really supported Shizume until now. I was frustated when I found out Mamura is the one who end up with Suzume. But I really like this manga, I want to respect Yamamori-sensei's decision about the story. It still one of my favorites even if in the end it's not as I was expecting the story will be.

Maybe you think I'm talking nonsense or you do not understand what I've written all about above. Sorry I'm a bit bad with words. I just feel like sharing my thoughts.

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